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Subject: Re: DB NPS (anyone know the position used)?

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 21:21:45 01/26/00

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>also remember that this is synchronous logic.  The fast eval can give a quick
>exit, but it still takes 10 cycles to exit as I understand it.  As he was very
>specific to say 24mhz processors searched 2.4 M nodes per second exactly.  And
>his 20mhz procssors searched 2M nodes per second exactly.  That tends to say
>that the fast eval/slow eval/other stuff are done in parallel and used as
>needed...  It would be harder to design a piece of hardware that had a variable
>number of cycles per node without microprogramming the thing...

At least in his IEEE Micro article he never says "exactly 10 cycles"
but he explicitly states "The average number of cycles per position
searched is about 10; ..." (page 75).

Moreover, he repeatedly talks about lazy evaluation and fast exits
concerning the different parts of the static evaluation (pages 74-75).
His flowchart (Figure C, page 75) also gives sequential dependencies
for the "fast" and "slow" parts of the static evaluation, while
specifying parallelism for move generation and decision making (the
latter including both parts of the evaluation).


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