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Subject: Re: DB NPS (anyone know the position used)?

Author: leonid

Date: 12:04:08 01/27/00

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On January 27, 2000 at 08:56:51, Ed Schröder wrote:

>On January 27, 2000 at 02:26:11, Tom Kerrigan wrote:
>>On January 27, 2000 at 02:08:14, Ed Schröder wrote:
>>>>first. What I would like to know is if all the moves that you generate for the
>>>>ply are legal.
>>Do you mean that your move generator only produces legal moves?
>>Can you please explain your rationale for doing this?
>Because it's cheap for Rebel just a few instructions for each move because
>attack arrays are available.

Thanks for explaining your way! It sound to me very much like mine. Before I
expected that maybe I can't comprehend what is wrong with my way of finding all
the legal moves for each ply (except one). Now I see that there are simply
nothing wrong.



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