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Subject: Getting a PV using MTD(f)

Author: Tijs van Dam

Date: 05:54:22 02/08/00

I have been reading about the MTD(f) algorithm that is also used by Andrew
Williams in PostModernist. I want to try it, but it has some things different
than a "traditional" search. I am wondering about the following: how do you get
a PV, or even a move to ponder?

The best move is obvious: it is the last move that failed high at root. But when
searching that move, all moves in the child position must have failed low. So
which one of them is the best? Andrew, how do you do this?

My first thought was doing an MTD search with shallow depth from the position
that follows the root move. Or maybe a PVS search?

Who on CCC has experience using MTD?

Tijs van Dam

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