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Subject: Re: Question: Fail low at root and time management

Author: Tijs van Dam

Date: 14:46:48 02/08/00

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On February 08, 2000 at 10:09:27, William Bryant wrote:

>I need some recomendations on handling time management when the program
>fails low at the root near the end of the alloted search time.
>(During game play, not during test suites)
>How do people handle this?
>Do you research the PV move at the lower window (which will return a
>move and a score) and then stop?
>Or, do you need to search all the root moves at the lower score to determine
>which is truly the best move?
>The later makes more sense, but may consume a significant chunk of additional
>time which the program may or may not have.
>Thoughts, ideas and suggestions gratefully accepted.

And here's another question: what do you do when you discover, e.g. during
pondering, that you have already made the wrong move. So a depth 10 search
returned 0.38, but pondering the opponents move, at depth=9 you get a score of
-2.15. You bite your teeth and hope he won't find the right answer, but
unfortunately he is also a computer and has found out exactly the same as you
have. He makes the move.

Now, you have a choice. Do you accept the loss, probably losing the game, or do
you take extra time, hoping that searching extra deep will win you back the


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