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Subject: Re: How long does it take your program to find this simple mate in 4?

Author: Dan Newman

Date: 01:02:51 02/11/00

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On February 09, 2000 at 05:27:21, Andrew Williams wrote:

>>So, at least with Shrike there seems to be some sort of deleterious
>>null-move effect...
>Ditto for PostModernist. Without null-move, it resolves the mate-in-4 score
>after 8 seconds (ply 7). With null-move, it finds g6 in less than 2 seconds,
>but 6 minutes later it is stuck in ply 9 and still hasn't found anything
>better than mate-in-6.

I wonder what's causing this.  I haven't really looked at the position very
carefully, but I'd guess it's more likely that it's some sort of tactical
oversight problem.  I don't see checks (or mates) in the qsearch, so it gets
there (inside a null-move search) and runs the SEE which also can't properly
handle pins, checks, etc. and probably gets some worthless value back which
then cuts off the line leading to mate--or something like that...

>BTW Congratulations on Shrike's performance at CCT1. I'm still recovering
>from the shock I got when you told me how fast it searches. :-)

I was shocked too :)  I never expected it to go that fast...  And
congratulations to PostModernist too: *very* impressive results.


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