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Subject: Re: What is Botvinnik's legacy to computer chess?

Author: stuart taylor

Date: 08:46:00 02/21/00

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On February 20, 2000 at 19:41:46, Pete Galati wrote:

>On February 20, 2000 at 18:58:29, Fernando Villegas wrote:
>>On February 20, 2000 at 01:39:09, Drazen Marovic wrote:
>>>What is Botvinnik's legacy to computer chess?
>>In his own area of expertise he showed the great gap that always existed between
>>soviet propagandistic thunders and pitiful reality.
>I read somewhere, but I'm not clear on the details, that he (his people) was
>working on a Chess program & he had high hopes for (he was impressed by his
>efforts) but I never heard anything about if the program was ever finished or
>what ever became of the work that was done.  I assume it never saw the light of
>day.  Does anyone know if that's the case?
>People love to _hate_ him, I hear he was not a good natured person.  He wasn't
>very good at predictions, he thought Karpov had no future as a Chess player.  I
>don't care for Karpov's games myself, but Botvinnik was wrong, Karpov left a
>mark.  Botvinnik himself played some very good games early in his career, but he
>wasn't the man to ask to build a Chess program.  He was sharp enough to realize
>that they had much potential, but...

I was sure that I had seen that it was Kaissa, but I didn't always see his
name in connection with it.(anyway I should hope he wrote a chess program
if he is being disccused here!)

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