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Subject: Re: Castle... then "uncastle"; Is it repitition?

Author: Daniel Clausen

Date: 12:50:14 02/27/00

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On February 27, 2000 at 15:23:01, Jonathan Lee wrote:

>Place pieces for this position.
>Turn on castling privileges.
>White king on e1
>Black king on e8
>White rook on h1
>Black rook on a8
>1. E1-G1 (kingside castle)   E8-C8 (queenside castle)
>2. G1-F2  C8-D7
>3. F2-E1  D7-E8
>4. F1-H1  D8-A8
>5. E1-F1  E8-F8
>6. F1-E1  F8-E8  So that's a draw by 3x. Right?
>Jonathan (25th message)

No it's not, because:

In the positions after move #4 and #6 neighter side has castling rights.
In your initial position thoug both have castling rights.
Therefore the same position didn't appear 3 times so far.

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