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Subject: Re: What approach do you use to handle castling/en passant for repetition?

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 05:56:39 03/01/00

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On March 01, 2000 at 05:19:38, Tom Kerrigan wrote:

>On February 29, 2000 at 17:56:25, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>>I asked you to back up your argument and you gave me some random numbers. Now
>>>you are asking me if I need confirmation that divide-by-zero is bad. It's no
>>>secret that you are being extremely insulting to me.
>>Tom...  look at _your_ response.  A curt "run some tests and prove I am wrong."
>>My position is "you run some test and prove you are right."  I already gave one
>Scientific papers do not look like this:
>"Electrons are green. If you don't agree, prove me wrong."
>You told me that ignoring the EP square is a big mistake. But your argument is
>like the "scientific paper" above. (See the text I quoted.)

No it isn't.  My argument is "I once mixed chemicals A and B and got this
result...  Someone else also mixed A and B and got the same thing.  Someone
else wrote a paper describing that when they didn't mix A and B, they had a
problem but when they did mix them they got the same thing too." (this last
was GreenBlatt in the Digital Press Journal in the paper describing the
chess program he wrote).

>You might make more friends if you stopped expecting people to believe you
>simply because you're Bob Hyatt.

If you don't want to believe me, feel free.  I made a simple statement that
was supported by my results and the results of others.  If you choose to
ignore those results, that is up to you.  Being "Bob Hyatt" has nothing to
do with it.  I _know_ what goes on when this gets screwed up, based on personal
experience in finding/fixing the problem.  Vincent supposedly had the same
problem.  GreenBlatt, Slate/Atkin, Thompson, etc all used the same approach
to solve the problem.

>I'm not going to post to this thread any more, because it's deviated far, far
>away from hashing EP squares.

I didn't take it there.

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