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Subject: Re: Shirov strong tactical test position

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 07:50:29 09/23/97

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On September 23, 1997 at 09:08:02, Enrique Irazoqui wrote:



>On September 23, 1997 at 06:36:27, Dirk Frickenschmidt wrote:


>>Hi everybody,


>>I'm glad to return to computer chess again here after all the 

>>ad-hominem-BS in rgcc.


>>When I got Alexej Shriov (Top 10 GM in FIDE and PCA) to playing some 

>>blitz testgames against the then new Hiarcs6-engine recentlly and we 

>>talked about strong and weak sides of the new programs he came along 

>>with one of his favourite test positions from one of his very nice 

>>games (critical move 24, german notation having D for Q [queen], T for 

>>R [rook], L for B [bishop] S for N [knight], ):


>>Shirov,A (2695) - Piket,J (2625) [D52]

>> Amsterdam Donner (6), 1995

>> [Shirov /DF]


>>1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Sc3 Sf6 4.Sf3 e6 5.Lg5 Sbd7 6.e3 Da5 7.cxd5 Sxd5

>> 8.Dd2 Lb4 9.Tc1 h6 10.Lh4 0-0 11.Ld3 Te8!? N (11...e5) 12.a3 Lxc3

>> 13.bxc3 Dxa3 14.0-0 e5 [14...Df8!?] 15.Sxe5! [15.dxe5?! Dc5 with the

>> idea 16...a5, 17...a4.] 15...Sxe5 16.dxe5 Dc5!? [16...Txe5 17.e4 Sb6

>> 18.f4 with the idea 19 f5.] 17.Kh1 Le6 [17...Txe5 18.e4 Th5?! 19.Lg3

>> Sf6 20.Tce1!±] 18.e4 Sb6 19.f4 Lc4 20.Tf3! Lxd3 21.Txd3 Dc4?!

>> [21...Kh7] 22.Te1 Kh7 23.Th3 Te6? [23...Dc5 24.Lg5! A) 24...Sc4

>> 25.Dd7! Df2 26.Tg1 Kg8 27.Lxh6 gxh6 28.Dg4+ Kf8 29.Txh6+-; B) 


>> B1) 25.f5? Sc4 26.Df4 Sxe5 27.f6 Te6 28.Tf1 (28.fxg7 Dxg7 29.Lxh6 


>> 30.Txh6+ Dxh6 31.Dxe5 Tg8!÷) 28...Tae8 29.fxg7 Dxg7 30.Lf6 Dg6 31.Tg3

>> Txf6 32.Dxf6 Dxf6 33.Txf6 a5; B2) 25.Tf1! 25...Kg8 (25...Te6 26.f5

>> Txe5 27.f6+-) 26.De2! Te6 (26...hxg5 27.Dh5 f6 28.fxg5 Txe5 29.Dh7+ 


>> 30.Txf6++-) 27.f5 Txe5 28.Lf4 Ta5 29.f6 g5 30.Ld6 Dxd6 31.Txh6+-; C)

>> 24...Kg8 25.Lxh6 gxh6 26.f5! Df8 27.Txh6 Txe5 28.Th5! (28.Dg5+?! Dg7

>> 29.Dh4 Sd5!÷) 28...f6 29.Da2+ Sd5 (29...Df7? 30.Th8+ Kg7 31.Th7++-;

>> 29...Kg7? 30.Te3+-) 30.Te3!± with the idea 30...Kf7 31.Th7+ Ke8 


>> Txe4 (32...Sf4 33.T3h4 Td8 34.h3 Txe4 35.Th8+-) 33.Db1 Sxc3 34.Txc3 


>> 35.Tch3+-] 



>> [DF 24.Lg5!! An even stronger move winning right away found out later 


>> Shirov. 

>> Hiarcs6 didn't find the move overnight. Well, Fritz 5 found the idea in 

>>acceptable analysis time!  (P133 with only 4Mb Hash after 3hours 50 



>>24...gxf6 25.f5 fxe5™ 26.fxe6 Dxe6 27.Tf1 Sc4 [27...Tf8 28.Tf5 Kg7

>> (28...Sc4 29.Df2 Kg7 30.Tg3+ Kh7 31.Tf6+-) 29.Txe5 Sc4 30.Tg3+ Kh7

>> 31.Txe6 Sxd2 32.Te7 a5 33.Td3 Sb3 34.Tf3 Sc5 35.Tf5 b6 36.Tfxf7+ Txf7

>> 37.Txf7+ Kg8 38.Tc7 Sxe4 39.Txc6 b5 40.c4 b4 41.Ta6+-] 28.Txh6+ Dxh6

>> 29.Txf7+ Kg6 30.Tf6+ Kxf6 31.Dxh6+ Ke7 32.Dg7+ Kd6 33.Dxb7 [33.Df6+ 


>> 34.De7++-] 33...Sb6 34.h4 Kc5 35.h5 a5 36.h6 1-0


>>I regard the critical position as a very useful test concerning the 

>>tactical abilities of a strong new new program (nothing more, nothing 

>>less). Remember: Fritz had to reach ply 16 to get the point.



>>Now I am curious to see what the latest versions of the other programs 

>>do on your different hardware?


>I tried with Rebel 9 beta on a P120/32. It finds Bf6 almost 

>immediately, then it prefers Bg5 at ply 8.04, after 1' 25'', but it 

>fails low at ply 10 and it plays a different move. Bg5 is found again 

>at ply 12.01, 42' 45'' +1.21.


Hey, Ed - you've been disassembling my program ?   :)


Ply 8 only finds this position by evaluation function  .......






>>Please post your results here.


>>Kind reagards, being back in computer chess


>>Yours Dirk



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