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Subject: Re: Is there any point to this?

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 10:35:06 09/27/97

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On September 27, 1997 at 12:52:30, Bruce Moreland wrote:


>You post this howl of rage, and yet you won't say what you are howling 



>"The ICCA sucks because they have done something wrong to MChess", is 

>what I am reading here.


>What have they done wrong to MChess?


>If you won't say what they have done wrong to MChess, then why start 

>this tangent?

I'm not taking any sides in this right now, I've better things to spend 
my energy on.


Issue basically is:


Is icca for its members ?


or is icca for itself ?


I guess Thorsten was using Mchess as an illustration, because he 
believes icca is for itself. He believes this, I guess, out of personal 
experience. For example, it seems that Thorsten is in effect banned 
right now. Thorsten can tell us about this if he wants.


My past experience is that icca is for itself.


Probably once it was not, but after many years, these things have a 
habit of ossifying and becoming entrenched. I think that is what has 


We can carry on with tis, tisn't, tis, tisn't, Thorsten, Bruce, me, Bob 
for a long time. Essentially one side believes one thing and the other 


Its also unlikely that either side will change its view.







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