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Subject: Re: Amir Ban article from rgcc - cheating by DB on move 36 ?

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 14:44:12 09/27/97

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Accusing anyone of cheating, with no supporting evidence, is simply an 
unwarranted attack.


Nobody has evidence that DB cheated in that game, other than that the 
program found an interesting move.


My program has looked at that position for 50 billion nodes.  It didn't 
find Be4, but I discovered that the position was tending toward a draw 
(+0.13).  Variance in eval function could easily cause one move to pop 
up above the other.  In the last ply, perhaps the value of the position 
after Qb6 dropped a bit, and that triggered the thing to search 


There is no need to assume that anyone cheated, certainly there is 
nothing that would support an accusation in a public forum.




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