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Subject: Re: Amir Ban article from rgcc - cheating by DB on move 36 ?

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 02:04:54 09/28/97

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On September 27, 1997 at 17:44:12, Bruce Moreland wrote:


>Accusing anyone of cheating, with no supporting evidence, is simply an 

>unwarranted attack.

He found anomolies in the move times, specifically with panic-time, and 
strangenesses in the output data.


He pointed to Kasparov's cryptic and not so cryptic comments about DB 
getting human assistance.



>Nobody has evidence that DB cheated in that game, other than that the 

>program found an interesting move.

Normally you don't get any direct evidence in such cases. So Amir Ban 
was looking around for strange behaviours instead.





>My program has looked at that position for 50 billion nodes.  It didn't 

>find Be4, but I discovered that the position was tending toward a draw 

>(+0.13).  Variance in eval function could easily cause one move to pop 

>up above the other.  In the last ply, perhaps the value of the position 

>after Qb6 dropped a bit, and that triggered the thing to search 



>There is no need to assume that anyone cheated, certainly there is 

>nothing that would support an accusation in a public forum.




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