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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 10:29:06 09/28/97

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On September 28, 1997 at 05:01:29, Chris Whittington wrote:

>I didn't enter on time. I entered after the deadline, didn't query
>amateur/professional status and offered my $1000 and 150 word CSTal
>description on provisioal acceptance.
>I was accepted without any problems or queries.

Was this a sensible way to treat this?  Of course.  For one of the
WMCCC's I think I applied a few days too late as well.  I didn't know
what category I was in, so I just left that blank and described my
situation, and they didn't balk about my lack of entry fee, either.
They changed this policy retroactively.

You are sitting there ordering entries (or maybe you haven't even
started yet, in which case you just pretend the thing came in on time),
and there are either not too many already, in which case you just go
"tsk tsk" and add the entry, or there are too many already, so when you
get the new one you say "damn" or local equivalent, but you still stick
the new one in the stack where it goes, and the bottom one goes into the
wait list, although you feel bad about this for a second, and probably
put him on the top of the wait list at least.

The above is the logical way to handle this, right?

So now we have a case where the ICCA took someone they are alleged upon
pretty good evidence to dislike, and made an accomodation.  No problem.

But we have this other case where the ICCA took someone who, no offense
Chris, has better credentials, has caused less trouble, didn't show up
(for political reasons) last year but was very polite about it
(according to Marsland), and even won the championship two years ago,
and did not make an accomodation.

So what else is going on here that we do not know about?  Are the
situations really this similar?  Did they have your late application,
and Marty's application, together, one in each hand, and decide to be
nice to you and to screw over Marty?  I would think that anyone would
have expected the opposite, if anything.

All I have heard so far is rumor, I don't know if MChess applied two
days late or two days after the entries were selected and/or announced
(massively different situation), or seriously balked at the thousand
bucks, or whatever.

It's not time for recriminations, it's time to get more information.


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