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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Michael Borgstaedt (GOLIATH CHESS)

Date: 05:18:33 10/05/97

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> In the moment there is a question if Goliath (Mr.Borgstaedt) and
> Heureka (Mr.Fischer) are participating with 2 different programs, or
> maybe they have quite similar programs and have a double-entry.

Seems it is time to inform about Goliath/Heureka:

I have started chess-programming in 1990, just for fun.
In early 1996 i found a possibility to include knowledge regarding
planning and strategic thinking together with a reliable tactical
By this time I decided to release a commercial program, later called
and was looking for a partner for programming the whole interface and
Mr. Fischer and some of his partners take this part.
He has developed his own program (just for fun too) earlier and
with it at Jakarta WMCCC 1996.
Perhaps Mr. Fischer used some of my ideas, but he has NO ACCESS to the
sourcecode of the Goliath-engine.

I don't like his idea to participate at Paris this year, but this is his
own decision. I would like to see him operating Goliath at Paris WMCCC.

I will contact Mr. Fischer today, perhaps he will withdraw Heureka.

Best regards,

M. Borgstaedt

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