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Subject: Re: Branching factor, make me confuse more that ever.

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 20:52:33 04/02/00

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On April 01, 2000 at 22:49:09, leonid wrote:

>Do the "iteration" signify simply number of ply? And do you say "get the
>following times" in the sense of time to solve the position for given ply in
>(maybe) seconds ?
>I have the impression that your way to calculate is different from mine. If the
>word "iteration" I undertood really as it must be.
>My biggest problem, in all my calculation, was the fact that I can see the time
>that it took in other games starting from ply 6, on mine AMD 400Mhz. This way I
>have no access to find the speed for the lowest two plies. And it is those
>lowest two plies that do the most of the work. They can dramatically change the
>speed of the entire game. I know, for instance, that you also have written your
>lowest ply in different way and probably many other did.

Do not say "lowest 2 plies" because I think you mean something totally
different. You want to speak in terms of depth, in this case, depth < 2.

Chess programs search 1 ply, then 2 plies, then 3 plies, and so on, until they
run out of time. Each search is one iteration. Doing these multiple searches is
called iterative deepening.

Please read this post until you understand it, because many people have
explained this stuff to you multiple times and you still don't seem to get it. I
can't speak for everybody, but it gets pretty annoying when you misunderstand
the same things over and over.


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