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Subject: Re: Branching factor, make me confuse more that ever.

Author: leonid

Date: 22:31:38 04/04/00

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On April 05, 2000 at 00:44:28, Tom Kerrigan wrote:

>On April 04, 2000 at 23:13:08, leonid wrote:
>>WAC, BK, BT2xxx - what it is?
>Test suites. WAC is the essential one. You can get that from any number of
>places. I suggest searching for them on the web.

I do this in even more simple way. I take by "accident" diferent positions for
"Chess Life" revue and ask two program solve them. Number of plies to search is
the same and both do this by brute force. Time found say me all that I want to

>>I can't say nothing about GNU, Crafty and so like since I don't know how to find
>>their core logic speed when we speek about "positional move". If you speak about
>>finding mate then mine should lead or be between the leading at least.
>I'm not talking about speed. The most straightforward way to compare chess
>programs is by having them play chess against each other. If you play a game
>between your program and Crafty, how well does your program do?

I do speak about speed. When positional logic will reach speed that I consider
as good enough I will go into the finalizing of my positional logic, more
exactly my entire chess program. Only mate solving logic don't ask any
additional material when it go into work. It can be compared even now. Comparing
my actual chess program, that is not finalized, to some other that is completely
done is premature and useless. In positional logic only its basic part can be
verified for speed even now.


>>When I tried my "raw speed" of "positional logic" against games such as Genius
>>4, Hiarcs 7.32 and Rebel 10 (if there are just no some extra mistakes that are
>>all the time possible) mine begin loosing in time only starting with ply 10.
>>Since I have the impression that mine loose around 8 or ten times speed before
>>it reach 10 ply deep search (positional logic) I am so eager to know where mine
>>goes wrong.
>I can't understand what you're saying here.

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