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Subject: Re: Bitmap Type Re: Tinker 81 secs Re: Testing speed of "position visiting"

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 06:11:54 04/24/00

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On April 24, 2000 at 07:24:11, Brian Richardson wrote:

>Tinker uses "regular" MSVC __int64 non-rotated bitmaps, but without separate
>queen maps--just rooks/queens and bishops/queens.  This helps move generation by
>about 10% as I recall (saves all the ORs when looking for moves), but hurts a
>little in eval() to separate just queens with wq(only) = wrq & wbq.  Bob's

So you just keep bitmaps containing the locations of the pieces, i.e., one for
white knights, one for black bishops, etc.? Once you have the bitmap for black
bishops, how do you convert that to a list of moves?

>PS  My hardware is pretty fast.  If you would like to email me a binary of your
>routine I could run your test to see exactly how much of the difference is h/w
>(or you could adjust from TSCP benchmarks if you have them handy).

That's okay, thanks. My code should fit nicely into L1 cache, so I'm assuming a
linear speedup. But that still makes your program about 20% faster than mine.


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