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Subject: Re: WMCCC Hardware

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 17:39:48 10/18/97

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On October 18, 1997 at 17:17:10, Dan Oetting wrote:

>Since there are many different hardware platforms available and many of
>existing programs are optimized for a specific platform a single
>event would be too limited.
>Instead, I suggest that the hardware used by the chess program be
>to publicly available systems with a cost cap to keep the systems in the
>of personal budgets. Only the processor, memory and external storage
>during play should be covered by the cost cap.

If wouldn't mind if the event was restricted to hardware that anyone
could buy, unless you want to compete in the hardware group.

I also wouldn't mind a price cap, as long as it wasn't designed to be
one dollar more than the best Intel system.

There are a few other problems with this last idea though.

It might be hard to figure out what percentage of the price of a
complete system should go to the parts of the system that you need to
track price for.

Also, this might favor the makers of cheap machines.  I would rather not
be forced to buy a crappy system because I can't get a reliable one for
less than the price cap.

Also, the prices of systems might be different in some areas.  I can
just imagine the uproar if someone shows up on a hot machine that nobody
else could find for less than the price cap, because they bought the
machine from their father-in-law, or got a special student discount, or
bought it through their job, or whatever.

Also, historically some types of machines have cost more for the same
amount of power.


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