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Subject: Re: Fritz SSS uses *SSS?

Author: Christophe Theron

Date: 21:09:00 05/20/00

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On May 19, 2000 at 12:59:05, Dave Gomboc wrote:

>On May 15, 2000 at 20:24:21, Christophe Theron wrote:
>>On May 15, 2000 at 18:44:14, Ed Schröder wrote:
>>>On May 15, 2000 at 17:34:12, Bas Hamstra wrote:
>>>>Frans Morsch wouldn't really try alternatives for good old alphabeta, would he?
>>>>By the way, I read somewhere that someone obtained good results doing alphabeta
>>>>near the root and best-first minimax near the leaves. Has anyone tried that, or
>>>>is it nonsense? Doing only best-first MM was apparently too selective.
>>>>Bas Hamstra.
>>>The authors of SSS (State Space Search) claim it is superior to
>>>alpha/beta. Maybe in the meantime there are improvements, who knows.
>>>I will have to read the article again.
>>By giving infinite hash table, SSS* becomes equivalent to MTD(f) (they search
>>the same tree). This is an incredible result, but has been demonstrated by Aske
>>Plaat. SSS* requires to store all the visited nodes during the search, which
>>makes it practically unusable for real life. MTD(f) just requires to have a big
>>hash table, which is practically doable.
>Actually, Aske didn't himself create the proof.  The full details are in his
>Ph.D. thesis.  The result is still incredible, though! :-)

You are probably right. I remember I read some very interesting pages from him,
and they are available on the Internet. I don't remember where, but it should be
easy to find.


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