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Subject: PARIS WMCC organisation

Author: jean-christophe WEILL

Date: 08:51:32 10/31/97

I rode many cristisms on the WMCC organisation.

I answer only being one of the participants.

If you were at previous tourmanent like Lyon, Vancouver, Munich,
Paderborn, Djakarta, you can't say this one if less organized.

The lack of spectator in computer chess event is not new. It is
not only a problem of organisation but of interest of peoples.
(Were there even one spectator in Vancouver ?????)
We should also remember that in some similar event they had to pay
entry fees to enter the tournament room.

An Internet access should have been provided, that's definitively true.
(Myself, I worked most of this week and I had to wait for phone calls
to know about Virtual Chess II results) But if only the ICCA had talk
about this to the local organiser, sure it should have been provided.
(I apologized not to have think of it by myself before the tournament,
I only realized there were no internet access on Saturday, much too
late) Digital should have sent Altavista instead of computers :)

As a semi-professional (Computer Chess is not my full time job),
I do not understand too much others professional positions.

At the tournament, we are not really sure they are telling the
real reasons.

Of course, in a mathematical point of view, the probability of
having the best program at the end is not so high. But this is
like that in all chess tournament. Even in Tennis competion,
Base Ball, Football, ....
When you are 100 elo points higher that your opponent, it still
have some chance to beat you in one game....
But once more, this is not new and even there are much more rounds
than before (too much round in my point of view between 5-9 should
have been quite good for Virtual Chess :) ).

Also the best programs (even those that are not there) are very
near of each others in my point of view.

BTW, cooked books are also the problem of the SSDF list and they
are all there, why ?

In conclusion, if you want a better tournament, organise it !!!

I think most of the participant enjoy the current tournament !
And they will tell that to you when they go back home.

-- Jean-Christophe WEILL

PS: Titus e-mail is .

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