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Subject: Re: PARIS WMCC organisation

Author: Ingo Althofer

Date: 13:20:20 10/31/97

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On October 31, 1997 at 11:51:32, jean-christophe WEILL wrote:
Thanks for your comments, Jean-Christophe !

>I answer only being one of the participants.
>If you were at previous tourmanent like Lyon, Vancouver, Munich,
>Paderborn, Djakarta, you can't say this one if less organized.

I agree for all but one:  The organisation in Paderborn was really
  superb, and they had a big tournament hall, and lots of spectators.
  Remember the last round where the board of "Dark Thought vs Genius"
  was ringed around by almost a hundred or so afficionados !

>An Internet access should have been provided, that's definitively true.
>(Myself, I worked most of this week and I had to wait for phone calls
>to know about Virtual Chess II results) But if only the ICCA ...

For the next events the people should remember and take care.

>... Digital should have sent Altavista instead of computers :)

From my point of view another thing was really annoying, namely that
K6-233 processors had been promised for all participants ( which would
not bring their own hardware ) until three days before the event, and
that then only K6-200 were provided. I don't know who was "guilty" of
this. In any case, it should not repeat in forthcoming years.

Please, jump over the gap.  Some more stuff comes very below.

>In conclusion, if you want a better tournament, organise it !!!
Good point !
>I think most of the participant enjoy the current tournament !
That is exactly my impression from Thorsten's phone calls.
>And they will tell that to you when they go back home.

I myself have enjoyed/enjoy very much to play the "relay" between
tournament hall and internet ! And Thorsten was/is exactly the right
person to have the handy.
Ingo Althoefer.     PS:  Best wishes for Virtual for the last two

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