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Subject: Faile 1.4 -- Fritz 32 bit Engine (fixed)

Author: Adrien Regimbald

Date: 03:56:02 07/20/00


It would turn out the problem was simply the ChessBase people accidently posting
an older version of the converted engine :P

They have gotten back to me already and fixed the problem.  I have verified the
file from both sites ( and, and it works
fine.  After a few test games vs. various engines, it is performing as it
should, and back to kicking my ass :P  (I had thought I was going to manage to
win a game [I can't remember the last time I've actually managed to beat Faile
personally....] when I somehow managed to win the exchange .. then suddenly I
was getting mated.. wooops! ;)

Okay, everything should be in working order now :)  Let me know if you find any
problems, or if you have any comments at all!

[In case you missed the first message - to get this new Fritz version of Faile
1.4, go to, then the support page, then click on download,
then scroll down to engines, and you will find it there.  If you'd like to use
the German site, go to, then click on the "download" link under
the "Service" category in the navigation bar on the left of the screen, then
scroll down to the "Freeware-Engines" section, Faile 1.4 is listed there for

Enjoy! ;)

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