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Subject: Re: Correction, Sorry Re: Is the NPS tend to grow at the end of the game?

Author: Eelco de Groot

Date: 16:16:36 07/24/00

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Yes Leonid, that was exactly what I saw too, at least in Rebel Century 1.2!
Almost no change from 28 MB to 0 kB.. That's why I thought that positions found
in the hastables maybe generally don't get counted. But it seems I was wrong
again. Anyway to measure the speed of a program it is maybe better then to try
out some positions with some key-moves that you definitely want to see your
program play and measure the time your program takes to find them. Fast times
are not yet a guarantee of good play throughout all stages of a game but at
least testing can be done in reasonable time. Another way of testing that I
could think of at later stages of development might be to find move sequences,
from GM games for example, that go together and that you think would be just at
the edge of what your program can do. Because, if your program misses one of the
moves, the other moves then don't make any sense anymore to play even if they
were objectively very good. If the program had a way of sensing that the
position was becoming critical in such a sequence, more pieces being attacked or
more early cutoffs found for bad moves maybe, -I'm thinking this part up on the
spot-, it could spend more time thinking on its move, ideally.

Sorry for adding to the confusion!


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