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Subject: Re: Correction, Sorry Re: Is the NPS tend to grow at the end of the game?

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 22:58:54 07/24/00

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On July 24, 2000 at 19:16:36, Eelco de Groot wrote:

>Yes Leonid, that was exactly what I saw too, at least in Rebel Century 1.2!
>Almost no change from 28 MB to 0 kB.. That's why I thought that positions found
>in the hastables maybe generally don't get counted. But it seems I was wrong
>again. Anyway to measure the speed of a program it is maybe better then to try
>out some positions with some key-moves that you definitely want to see your
>program play and measure the time your program takes to find them. Fast times
>are not yet a guarantee of good play throughout all stages of a game but at
>least testing can be done in reasonable time. Another way of testing that I
>could think of at later stages of development might be to find move sequences,
>from GM games for example, that go together and that you think would be just at
>the edge of what your program can do. Because, if your program misses one of the
>moves, the other moves then don't make any sense anymore to play even if they
>were objectively very good. If the program had a way of sensing that the
>position was becoming critical in such a sequence, more pieces being attacked or
>more early cutoffs found for bad moves maybe, -I'm thinking this part up on the
>spot-, it could spend more time thinking on its move, ideally.
>Sorry for adding to the confusion!

Hash tables and NPS generally have very little in common. Lowering the
hash table size will increase NPS with a few percent because less hash
table code is executed.


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