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Subject: Re: How make Fritz execute brute force search?

Author: ujecrh

Date: 15:26:39 07/26/00

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I never understand these nps issues. How can we tell if one program processes
less or more nodes per second than another ? For example:
_ What says that Fritz is not counting leafs as well ?
_ How do we know that Hiarcs is not skipping nodes from quiescence search in its
count ?
_ Is there any reason why a program should count hash hits or not ?
_ Are cutoffs counted or not ?
etc. etc.

These examples are a bit extreme but I mean that maybe we are just fool to put
any faith in the nps given by different engines. What's more it may happen that
two versions of a same program change the way nodes are counted, look for
example at the last Yace release notes:

"Changed the method of counting nodes. Yace will now count less nodes
and will show less nodes/s. Actually it is even slightly faster, nevertheless."

Souldn't we just say that nps does not mean anything or at least very few ?

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