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Subject: Arasan now under Linux

Author: Jon Dart

Date: 20:54:32 09/02/00

Arasan has been a Windows-only program since its original release in
1994. I now have a port of the chess engine (not the GUI) that runs
under Linux using xboard. It is pretty much identical in terms of
algorithms and evaluation to the released Windows version but has
a few bug fixes and tweaks.

One of the motivations for doing this port is that I've had a lot of
problems with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. In fact Visual C++
6.0 can't compile Arasan correctly using full optimization. I've been
stuck on version 5.0 of VC++ for a while and even that requires some
hacks to make it build right.

GCC 2.95 on the other hand seems to work ok.

Also I've now got a home network set up with a DSL line and a couple
of Linux machines. Formerly I had only a dialup connection and since
moving a while ago I've only had one phone line .. so Arasan hasn't
been online at the chess servers very much. Now I have a dedicated
internet line independent of my voice line (and hopefully more
stable than dialup, although I've had the DSL connection drop
sometimes too). So Arasan should be available online more often.

Note that it's now on a P3/733, which is a little slower than the
Athlon 750 Windows box. And the GCC executable is also slower than
the Visual C++ executable, athough I've no doubt got room to tune
it smoe more.

I plan to release the Linux version (including source) eventually
although I'd like to shake most of the remaining bugs out of it

I'm not currently planning to port the Arasan GUI to X. I did a
bunch of X & Motif coding years ago and it was not fun at all. Plus
xboard is a fine GUI as far as I'm concerned.


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