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Subject: is this nullmove? problems in pulsar algorithm

Author: Mike Adams

Date: 03:36:13 09/20/00

    I'm having some trouble realizine the gain ive heard i should from nullmove
in Pulsar on icc.  So i wanted to show you the alorithm that i'm using. its not
exactly the code my own code is unique to my program and might confuse but its
essentially the code that i use.

endgames: is it endgame 1 or 0
null: has there been a previous null call
side: side to move counts up from 1. odd for pulsar even for opponent
depth: counts down always 0 on first call of qsearch
beta: could be 10,000 or -10,000 if evaluate hasn't been called

if(endgames==0 && null==1 && side>1 && beta!=10000 && beta!=-10000)
    value=-qsearch(-beta, -alpha, 0, (side+1), myenpassant);
{               /* you can ignore the hash it just changes side to move and
       I only use hashing for move ordering anyway so shouldnt have big impact
        passhash=computecurrenthash(currenthash, 0, 0,0, 1);
	value=-search(-beta, -alpha, depth-2, (side+1), myenpassant, passhash);
	return beta;


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