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Subject: Re: is this nullmove? problems in pulsar algorithm

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 11:43:19 09/20/00

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Hi Mike,

>    I'm having some trouble realizine the gain ive heard i should from nullmove
>in Pulsar on icc.  So i wanted to show you the alorithm that i'm using. its not
>exactly the code my own code is unique to my program and might confuse but its
>essentially the code that i use.

The other posters in this thread (especially Dieter Buerssner)
already provided detailed analyses of and good hints for
improving your null-move code.

For some in-depth reading material about null-move pruning,
I just like to point you to my book on "Scalable Search in
Computer Chess" (
and to the preprints of my publications, available online from
my personal WWW pages at

Please enjoy and have fun with your chess programming!


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