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Subject: Is there a program that won't play 1.Nxb6+?

Author: Jim Monaghan

Date: 23:21:40 10/10/00

[D] 2k5/2p5/1q1p4/pPpPp1pp/N1P1Pp2/P4PbP/KQ4P1/8 w - - 0 1

A. Petrosian - Hazai, 1970  As Dr. Nunn states in his annotations Black's
position is quite bad and he tried Qa7-b6 last move and White couldn't resist
snapping off the queen ... and drawing.  The correct scheme is to reject the
"gift" and play Qd2, Kb3, Nc3, Ka4, Na2-c1-b3 and Qxa5 with Black just watching.
 I gave this to Crafty 17.13 ...

20     4:33   5.32   1. Nxb6+ cxb6 2. h4 gxh4 3. Qc1 h3
                                    4. gxh3 h4 5. Kb3 Kd7 6. Kc3 Bf2 7.
                                    Kd3 Ke7 8. Qd2 Bg3 9. Qc2 <HT>

Is there a program that "understands" the idea of a blockade, or is this still a
tough area for programmers ... where ply depth doesn't really help but something
in it's evaluation function?  From a human standpoint the concept is not that
complex although A. Petrosian stumbled ...



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