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Subject: Re: Deep Blue eval function tuning technique

Author: Don Dailey

Date: 14:49:17 01/08/98

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On January 08, 1998 at 14:43:03, Stuart Cracraft wrote:

>Has the method which was used to tune Deep Blue's eval function
>been described anywhere in depth?
>If yes, or no, does anyone care to describe that technique? Has
>it been implemented in an all-software program?

There is an article in the most recent ICCA.   This type of stuff
is not new and has been tried before and with other game domains
too.  But there are a lot of slants on this and they probably have
new ideas of their own.

I haven't looked at the article yet but I believe they are trying
to tune the program to play Grandmaster moves.  I don't know if
this stuff works yet but it's pretty interesting stuff.

- Don

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