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Subject: Re: Win at Chess

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 08:00:27 01/18/98

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On January 17, 1998 at 23:57:02, Don Dailey wrote:

>Ok I'm running the problems tonight to cull the easy ones.  The ones
>my program cannot find in under 10 seconds must remain in the set
>assuming they are not bad problems as we discussed.   When we have
>a final set I/we can test for multiple solutions.  I can hack my
>program to not include they key move in the root move list and look for
>multiple solutions (near the same score.)   Who is the third volunteer?
>- Don

one important point.  Everyone knows what sort of "searcher" Crafty
full width for N plies, several extensions, simple q-search.  How would
you classify Cilkchess?  And we need a third volunteer that has a
sort of search, like maybe Genius, or Rebel, or something that has a
different approach...  So that we don't stack the deck hard for our type
of searches, but produce something easy for other (perhaps selective)

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