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Subject: Some questions on Tao

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 15:19:29 01/03/01

While currently checking on new Winboard engines I also checked this one at last

There hasn't been much public upset about it so far .

I noticed this one great tournament result but never heard much more about it ,
so I thought the WinBoard masters checked on it and weren't too impressed after

I played two games at slowish time control ( game 1 hour , 10 secs increment per
move ) against Chesstiger 13.0 with a little hardware advantage for the outdog
and watched lines and action live to get a first impression , a very usual
test/event for me for new winboard engines where usually they get an
entertaining spanking .

First game was a pretty win for Tao with black in a technical endgame with Black
where it completely _outsearched_ (!) the Tiger .

Second game it started with White with what looked like a complete beginner's
opening 1. g3 e5 2. Bh3 only to get a completely blocked position where it
showed great skills in sophisticated knight manouvres . While Tiger evaluated
more than 1.5 for itself for some time after Tao looked cramped after grabbing
what looked like a pawn better not to be taken it coolly freed itself until it
reached a very promising, advantegous position only it was too late for me to
play it out ( kind of drawish in the end probably ) .

Yet I was deeply impressed by both games and this was by far the best newcomer
performance I have ever seen by a WinBoard engine .

This might have been kind of lucky for Tao , yet it really is an experiment I do
_very_ often and I have never seen a performance like this one from a newish
Winboard engine .

I understand that maybe with its habit of pondering all the time it might not
have got the attention it deserves as being not suitable for single computer
matches .

So : before I dream and sleep bad and with the excitement of a great first
impression ;-) : any tests and results tried with Tao at longer or Blitz time
controls by others ?

I am definitely _very_ interested to find more about it .


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