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Subject: Re: Fritz 5

Author: Howard Exner

Date: 07:20:14 02/10/98

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On February 10, 1998 at 02:32:03, Frederic Louguet wrote:

>On February 09, 1998 at 08:41:01, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>As I've mentioned in the past, this test is worthless to produce a
>>rating, if you want accuracy.  The "formula" was derived by letting
>>that are on the SSDF list solve the positions, then "fitting" the
>>times/results to make the results predict SSDF ratings.  As a result,
>>program on the SSDF will produce a result that is very close to its
>>SSDF ranking.  Any program *not* on the SSDF can/will produce somewhat
>>random result since it is really independent of the SSDF list.
>I agree with you when you say that you cannot produce a valid rating for
>programs with LCT II results. No test can do that either, and
>enthusiastic users sometimes forget that. However, I totally disagree
>when you say that the LCT II was created by fitting the scores with SSDF
>results. I created this test, and I can tell you that it was made "on
>feeling", and not to follow SSDF results. In the past, the LCT II often
>proved to be a valuable tool to get an idea of the general strength of a
>chess program, and quickly, but of course it is only a test, and its
>results should be taken with serious precautions.

I think that some of the posters have forgotten that your test was
created some time ago. When was your LCT -2 created? I recall the first
results posted and that most of them were before the P-90 was in common

>Oh, and I consider the
>SSDF results also as - one - indication of the strength of a chess
>program. It says absolutely nothing about the strength against humans,
>and I believe this is the reason why Virtual Chess and Chess System Tal
>are not in the list : they generally do better against humans than
>against computers. Are they weaker ? Of course not. "weak" and "strong"
>are very relative notions these days.

Too bad there are not more Human vs Computer events. Rebel and other
did well in the Dominican Republic at standard time controls. Recently
Fritz 5
had a good result against strong humans, altough at a faster time
control (game
in 25 I think).

While it seems Aegon will no longer exist I wonder if some sponsor will
organize an internet challenge to IM's and GM's? That would be fun.

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