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Subject: Re: Fritz 5

Author: Frederic Louguet

Date: 23:32:03 02/09/98

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On February 09, 1998 at 08:41:01, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>As I've mentioned in the past, this test is worthless to produce a
>rating, if you want accuracy.  The "formula" was derived by letting
>that are on the SSDF list solve the positions, then "fitting" the
>times/results to make the results predict SSDF ratings.  As a result,
>program on the SSDF will produce a result that is very close to its
>SSDF ranking.  Any program *not* on the SSDF can/will produce somewhat
>random result since it is really independent of the SSDF list.

I agree with you when you say that you cannot produce a valid rating for
programs with LCT II results. No test can do that either, and
enthusiastic users sometimes forget that. However, I totally disagree
when you say that the LCT II was created by fitting the scores with SSDF
results. I created this test, and I can tell you that it was made "on
feeling", and not to follow SSDF results. In the past, the LCT II often
proved to be a valuable tool to get an idea of the general strength of a
chess program, and quickly, but of course it is only a test, and its
results should be taken with serious precautions. Oh, and I consider the
SSDF results also as - one - indication of the strength of a chess
program. It says absolutely nothing about the strength against humans,
and I believe this is the reason why Virtual Chess and Chess System Tal
are not in the list : they generally do better against humans than
against computers. Are they weaker ? Of course not. "weak" and "strong"
are very relative notions these days.

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