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Subject: Re: Fritz 5

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 05:41:01 02/09/98

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On February 09, 1998 at 05:17:46, Kai L├╝bke wrote:

>On February 06, 1998 at 07:44:27, Didzis Cirulis wrote:
>>Dear chessfriends,
>>This is my first day in Computer-Chess Club.
>>My question is to those of you who has the Fritz 5 chess program: What
>>is really good in it and How does it stand against other programs like
>>Rebel 9.0 or Hiarcs 6.0?
>F5 is slightly below R9 or H6 in playing strength, but it has an
>enormous lot of features (like the correspondence analysis, blunder
>check, coach mode etc.) that make it stand out from the rest.
>And you can get Hiarcs 6 (maybe still the strongest program in the
>world) and World Champion Junior as plugin engines for Fritz (at half
>the prize of the full product) and use all of Fritz' features with these
>engines, too!
>Also, Fritz has an almost revolutionary book concept.
>In general, I fully agree with the praise it gets at,
>except for the allusion that it excels Hiarcs or Rebel in playing
>strength which is based only on the (not undisputed) Nunn test set.
>Here are some results from the Louguet II test on my machine for
>Hiarcs 6	2535
>Rebel 9		2530
>Rebel 8		2525
>MChess 7	2480
>Fritz 5		2465  <-----
>Chessm. 5500	2430
>MChess 5	2410
>Crafty 14.1	2405

As I've mentioned in the past, this test is worthless to produce a
rating, if you want accuracy.  The "formula" was derived by letting
that are on the SSDF list solve the positions, then "fitting" the
times/results to make the results predict SSDF ratings.  As a result,
program on the SSDF will produce a result that is very close to its
SSDF ranking.  Any program *not* on the SSDF can/will produce somewhat
random result since it is really independent of the SSDF list.

The results are not totally worthless, but comparing a program (F5) at
to a program (H6) at 2535 is way outside the confidence in the results
this test...

saying that the best are very close (within 100) is reasonable.  But
comparing scores is very iffy due to how the numbers are derived.  It
be more apparent once F5 hits the SSDF and we get real data from it...

>So Fritz is among the best, but not at the very top. My test and
>tournament games support that impression.
>However, if you buy the Hiarcs 6 engine as well, you get a product that
>leaves almost nothing left to wish for.
>>My next question is if there is a Rebel 9.0 engine compatible with
>>Fritz 5?
>No (not yet).
>Maybe Ed can shed some light on this, but it's not impossible there may
>be a Rebel 10 engine late this year? (Don't want to start any rumours,
>though! :-)

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