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Subject: Re: If you like to solve average mate position...

Author: Heiner Marxen

Date: 16:48:31 01/25/01

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On January 25, 2001 at 18:09:41, leonid wrote:

>On January 25, 2001 at 17:07:45, Heiner Marxen wrote:
>>I estimate 8 hours for depth 9, so I will omit that.
>>I'm currently running Paul's 15 positions.
>>Some appear to be also too deep for Chest.
>>I will report here, when I'm through.
>Good! I already depose this position in my library. Now each created position I
>can print when it is on the Chess Club site. Inside of my program I never wrote
>graphics since I considered this as finalization of program. I am too far from
>this. Some time money and very often absence of time limite my progress in
>actual chess program.

If you want a graphic representation of a FEN string, a rather simple program
or script would do that, spitting out a HTML page, which you can look at
locally with your browser.  It should not be so hard to do that even
in assembler.  I have done it as a bourne shell script using awk.
For the next release of Chest I will polish that a bit and make it part
of the distribution.  It is quite useful.

>>>Position was average in my mind since it was not that endless position of 20 or
>>>30 moves deep, like I have seen here already few times. Number of initial legal
>>>moves from each side is moderate. Only white side reach slightly over 100 moves.
>>> Black have only few responses after initiation of hostilities.
>>Ah, I see.  But "average"?  With that many queens?
>>I consider 100 legal moves to be a huge number...
>>I remember that an early version of Chest was limited to 80 legal moves  ;-)
>To be frank with you, this was usual positions for me when I wrote my first move
>generator, around 7 years ago. I had then 200 moves limite. Now I see that it is
>not enough. When I will rewrite for Linux, will put 300 moves limite. Somebody
>here, few months ago, came with position that contained more that 200 moves.

As far as I know the record for strictly legal positions is 218 moves.
Some of your positions have been not strictly legal, though ;-)
But 300 should be enough for everything with at most 16 pieces of each colour.

>Around 6 months ago I reached one side with forced mate positions where 9 queens
>you could see more than often. Some italian site done in 1997.

Let me guess: Valentin Albillo's page?
He has created some really bizarre positions.  I have contributed to some.

> Then I started
>regarding my beloved heavy positions as nothing shameful and even too damn
>usual. Later I found on Internet even more places with forced mate densely
>populated with equally pretty queens of both ethnic origin.

Oh, I _like_ your monsters!  And yes, they _are_ useful.
Just now I tune one of my heuristics, which did not do so well, here.
So it just helped me!  Thanks!


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