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Subject: Re: If you like to solve average mate position...

Author: leonid

Date: 17:40:55 01/25/01

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On January 25, 2001 at 19:48:31, Heiner Marxen wrote:

>On January 25, 2001 at 18:09:41, leonid wrote:
>>On January 25, 2001 at 17:07:45, Heiner Marxen wrote:
>>>I estimate 8 hours for depth 9, so I will omit that.
>>>I'm currently running Paul's 15 positions.
>>>Some appear to be also too deep for Chest.
>>>I will report here, when I'm through.
>>Good! I already depose this position in my library. Now each created position I
>>can print when it is on the Chess Club site. Inside of my program I never wrote
>>graphics since I considered this as finalization of program. I am too far from
>>this. Some time money and very often absence of time limite my progress in
>>actual chess program.
>If you want a graphic representation of a FEN string, a rather simple program
>or script would do that, spitting out a HTML page, which you can look at
>locally with your browser.  It should not be so hard to do that even
>in assembler.  I have done it as a bourne shell script using awk.
>For the next release of Chest I will polish that a bit and make it part
>of the distribution.  It is quite useful.

For me it is not that much problem of writing. I remember that even my CV
(description of work experiece) I wrote completely in Assembler. That small
program did printing. And there are no difference what program ask for printing,
program written in Assembler or in Basic. Printing is all the time too slow to
represent the difference. I used than Assembler just for fun and experience. But
chess program is different. Here I see as the most important basic speed and
logic. Only later I will care about something else. Now basic speed is already
there. Still logic of usual chess game must be written. Only later I will go
into graphics or something of this kind.

Now I do nothing as programming. I only waist my time and wait for the moment
when I will buy needed computer. Meantime I am in... Chinese and Hindi.

>>>>Position was average in my mind since it was not that endless position of 20 or
>>>>30 moves deep, like I have seen here already few times. Number of initial legal
>>>>moves from each side is moderate. Only white side reach slightly over 100 moves.
>>>> Black have only few responses after initiation of hostilities.
>>>Ah, I see.  But "average"?  With that many queens?
>>>I consider 100 legal moves to be a huge number...
>>>I remember that an early version of Chest was limited to 80 legal moves  ;-)
>>To be frank with you, this was usual positions for me when I wrote my first move
>>generator, around 7 years ago. I had then 200 moves limite. Now I see that it is
>>not enough. When I will rewrite for Linux, will put 300 moves limite. Somebody
>>here, few months ago, came with position that contained more that 200 moves.
>As far as I know the record for strictly legal positions is 218 moves.
>Some of your positions have been not strictly legal, though ;-)
>But 300 should be enough for everything with at most 16 pieces of each colour.

For sure we speak about the same position that somebody presented here.

>>Around 6 months ago I reached one side with forced mate positions where 9 queens
>>you could see more than often. Some italian site done in 1997.
>Let me guess: Valentin Albillo's page?
>He has created some really bizarre positions.  I have contributed to some.

Exact! It was that guy. If you contributed, so you was used to have the same
strange orientation in chess before we ever met.

I liked very much that site. It is sad that it look now to be completely
abandonned. Positions are beautiful and very useful for verification. I read
there very detailed decription for many programs that I never tried. Impartial
data that was joy and pleasure to see. I must mention that my writing of mate
solver started still in prehistoric time when I had no access to the Web.

>> Then I started
>>regarding my beloved heavy positions as nothing shameful and even too damn
>>usual. Later I found on Internet even more places with forced mate densely
>>populated with equally pretty queens of both ethnic origin.

>Oh, I _like_ your monsters!  And yes, they _are_ useful.
>Just now I tune one of my heuristics, which did not do so well, here.
>So it just helped me!  Thanks!

Thanks, Heiner, to you! You make good company and helped me in practical terms
already few times.



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