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Subject: Re: Sorry, my mistake

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 15:22:47 01/30/01

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On January 30, 2001 at 17:15:45, Olaf Jenkner wrote:

>>What is the solution and how did you prove that  there is no shorter solution?
>I remembered that the program proved that. But I tried again
>an saw that there is no chance.
>The program can find the solution assuming that the black king should
>not have more than one flight. It takes about one hour.
>The solution is easy: The white king is making a triangle manouvre on
>the right side of the board and comes back to the left upper corner.

I see nothing easy.

I guess from your post that the first move is Kd8(the only legal move for white)
but I see nothing for white after it.
>The black rook can not move and black has to push a pawn. And so on...

I do not see that black has to push a pawn.
After Kd8 Nxd6 chess programs see a clear advantage for black.


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