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Subject: Sorry, my mistake

Author: Olaf Jenkner

Date: 14:15:45 01/30/01

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>What is the solution and how did you prove that  there is no shorter solution?

I remembered that the program proved that. But I tried again
an saw that there is no chance.
The program can find the solution assuming that the black king should
not have more than one flight. It takes about one hour.
The solution is easy: The white king is making a triangle manouvre on
the right side of the board and comes back to the left upper corner.
The black rook can not move and black has to push a pawn. And so on...

Perhaps I had in mind this problem what is easily to prove that there is
no shorter mate.

Pervakow/Sum.  #46
[D]2N5/p4P2/p4RqP/P2krb2/5RNK/2PPBnP1/3P1pP1/5Q2 w - - 1 0

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