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Subject: Opponent specific learning...

Author: Dan Homan

Date: 10:04:34 03/26/98

In the learning debate that has been raging the last week or so,
several people pointed out that humans learn and change their
style of play when facing a known opponent.  This got me thinking
about trying this with my program, which plays on FICS.  It
wouldn't be very hard to create a 'profile' for every player
who plays my program and store information about the effectiveness
of certain openings (and other things, as I think of them).
This profile could then be loaded when my program faces that
player again, and the learned information could be put to good

General book learning could also be done, of course, but this
seems like it would accelerate a programs ability to adapt to
particular opponents.  It also might make it quite interesting
for the humans, knowing that the program would try to exploit
their particular weaknesses.

Has anyone tried this?  Any pitfalls to look out for?

 - Dan

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