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Subject: Re: WAC Corrections

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 20:03:23 04/12/01

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On April 12, 2001 at 13:24:02, Dann Corbit wrote:
>>	#230		Rb7-a7			additional solution
>>			Rb7-b5			additional solution
>>			Rb7-b6			additional solution
>>			Rb7-d7			additional solution
>>			Rb7-f7			additional solution
>>			Rb7-g7			additional solution
>>			Rb7-h7			additional solution
>>			Kc6-b5			additional solution
>>			Kc6-b6			additional solution
>>			Kc6-d7			additional solution
>>			Bc8-d7			additional solution
>>			a5-a4			additional solution
>>			Rb7-c7			additional solution
>No way.
>Rb4 is the only winning move, and it is a winning move.  All the others are
>foolish time wasters.
>>#230	[Rb4 does not win.  The main line is,  1... Rb4!?  2. cxb4 a4
>>	3. b5+ Kxb5  4. Ba3 c3  5. Re2! Kc4  6. f4 Kxd4  7. f5 exf5  8. e6 Kd3
>>	9. e7 Bd7  10. Kf3 d4  11. Rh2 Kc4  12. Rh8 b2  13. Rb8 d3
>>	14. Bxb2 cxb2  15. Rxb2 a3  16. Rb7 Be8  17. Ra7 Kb3  18. Ke3 a2
>>	19. Kxd3 Kb2  20. Rb7+ Kc1  21. Ra7 =]
>>	Ra7, Rb6, Rb5, Rd7, Rf7, Rg7, Rh7, Bd7, Kd7, Kb6, Kb5, a4, and Rc7
>>	are just as good as the book solution Rb4 -- they all hold the game.

Drat.  I think you are right.  That's too bad, because this was the best example
of a blocked position that I knew of.  Turns out, it's bugged if you search deep
enough.  (I think.  I am researching it overnight with computer analysis).

But it looks pretty sure that the proposed solution is broken.

That's quite a find.

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