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Subject: Update to the Bringer homepage

Author: Gerrit Reubold

Date: 16:03:58 04/18/01

Hi all,

a friend of mine, Peter Berger, wrote a manual about: "How to run Bringer as an
engine under various GUIs". This manual covers WinBoard, Chessmaster 8000,
Chesspartner/Rebel TigerII, Shredder 5, Millenium2000/Genius, and
ChessBase/Fritz. If you are interested, download the manual from
A sidenote: Peter convinced (persuaded?) me to add some features to Bringer's
GUI, the settable colors and the engine settings for example. If you like these
features, or if you like his manual, send him an email to

BTW, James Kearman updated his English Bringer User Guide to the version 1.8,
you will find a link on that page, too.


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