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Subject: Re: Update to the Bringer homepage

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 21:15:56 04/18/01

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On April 18, 2001 at 19:03:58, Gerrit Reubold wrote:

>Hi all,
>a friend of mine, Peter Berger, wrote a manual about: "How to run Bringer as an
>engine under various GUIs". This manual covers WinBoard, Chessmaster 8000,
>Chesspartner/Rebel TigerII, Shredder 5, Millenium2000/Genius, and
>ChessBase/Fritz. If you are interested, download the manual from
>A sidenote: Peter convinced (persuaded?) me to add some features to Bringer's
>GUI, the settable colors and the engine settings for example. If you like these
>features, or if you like his manual, send him an email to
>BTW, James Kearman updated his English Bringer User Guide to the version 1.8,
>you will find a link on that page, too.

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