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Subject: Re: 0.05 seconds using PN search...

Author: Ian Osgood

Date: 08:46:55 04/24/01

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On April 22, 2001 at 23:40:02, Paul Byrne wrote:

>On April 22, 2001 at 09:57:10, leonid wrote:
>>If you want to solve one mate and say your result, then this is the position:
>>[D]2R2bNn/Rp1n1k1b/1q1ppB1p/1Np1p1p1/2P1P2P/3P2PB/4Q2K/8 w - -
>>If you program says nodes/per/second, please indicate it for this position.
>1W. i=448 n=8398 p=0 d=1000000000 t=0.050
>1W. Bxe6 wins!
>PN search is typically quite effective on positions like this.  8398 nodes.
>My own program G2K on a 1.2 GHz athlon.

Very nice!

How does your program use Proof-Number search?  Do you use it in all cases, or
only in certain positions?  I thought that PN only worked well for game
positions which contain long forced lines (such as ladders in Go, most positions
in suicide chess, or the minority of positions in chess which have forced
tactical PVs).


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