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Subject: 0.05 seconds using PN search...

Author: Paul Byrne

Date: 20:40:02 04/22/01

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On April 22, 2001 at 09:57:10, leonid wrote:

>If you want to solve one mate and say your result, then this is the position:
>[D]2R2bNn/Rp1n1k1b/1q1ppB1p/1Np1p1p1/2P1P2P/3P2PB/4Q2K/8 w - -
>If you program says nodes/per/second, please indicate it for this position.

1W. i=448 n=8398 p=0 d=1000000000 t=0.050
1W. Bxe6 wins!

PN search is typically quite effective on positions like this.  8398 nodes.
My own program G2K on a 1.2 GHz athlon.


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