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Subject: One mate to solve...

Author: leonid

Date: 06:57:10 04/22/01


If you want to solve one mate and say your result, then this is the position:

[D]2R2bNn/Rp1n1k1b/1q1ppB1p/1Np1p1p1/2P1P2P/3P2PB/4Q2K/8 w - -

If you program says nodes/per/second, please indicate it for this position.

I recently was impressed by very high NPS that Rebel 10 demonstrated when I
tried to solve few mate positions on it. Search was done by brute force. On
Celeron 600Mhz (hash off) NPS was around 500000 nps. Also I installed recently
NPS counter in my mate solver and this is from where my curiosity come. To my
surprise, my NPS is usually well below of Rebel's numbers.

If you have, beside your own program, any professional chess program and you can
indicate also its NPS, please do this.

Thanks for your numbers,

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