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Subject: Re: Gambit Tiger 2.0: 6 seconds on K6-2 450

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 23:34:28 04/26/01

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On April 26, 2001 at 19:09:02, Christophe Theron wrote:

>On April 26, 2001 at 16:19:10, Peter Berger wrote:
>Anyway, in case of a draw by repetition, if the game is drawn by repetition by
>the last move of the opponent, then I can ALWAYS make another move that will
>also be a draw by repetition. So in the end it does not matter much if I claim
>the draw before of after making the move. However I agree that chess programs to
>not obey to your above rules (but could you please provide a copy of article
Article 12 is the common sense article ( btw these are the FIDE rules of chess ( ) I quote here ):

Article 12: The conduct of the players

12.1 High standards of etiquette are expected of the players.

12.2 During play the players are forbidden to make use of any notes, sources of
information, advice, or to analyse on another chessboard.

The scoresheet shall be used only for recording the moves, the times of the
clocks, the offer of a draw, and matters relating to a claim.

12.3 No analysis is permitted in the playing area when play is in progress,
whether by players or spectators. Players who have finished their games shall be
considered to be spectators.

12.4 The players are not allowed to leave the 'playing venue' without permission
from the arbiter. The playing venue is defined as the playing area, rest rooms,
refreshment area, area set aside for smoking and other places as designated by
the arbiter.

The player having the move is not allowed to leave the playing area without
permission of the arbiter.

12.5 It is forbidden to distract or annoy the opponent in any manner whatsoever;
this includes the persistent offer of a draw.

12.6 Infraction of any part of the Articles 12.2 to 12.5 shall lead to penalties
in accordance with Article 13.4.

12.7 The game is lost by a player who persistently refuses to comply with the
Laws of Chess. The opponent's score shall be decided by the arbiter.

12.8 If both players are found guilty according to Article 12.7, the game shall
be declared lost by both players.

So if you offer draw at an improper moment the offer itself is still valid
unless the purpose is to annoy your opponent . Article 12 is also the reason why
I think chessprograms are not doing it correctly btw but this needs more time to
explain - I'll try to elaborate tonight .

>    Christophe

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