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Subject: root search ordening

Author: JW de Kort

Date: 07:08:09 05/02/01

dear friends,

A few weeks ago i posted a question about cutting my qsearch. With the valuable
information you send me i have been able to get a serious reduction for wich i
want to thank all to people who helped me realize this.

Later i realizes that up till now i have not paid much attention to the move
order in the root. The program calculates all the moves and starts the iteration
at 1 ply in the order in which the moves are found. If i move is found to be
better than all the previous moves tried, this move is placed in front and all
the others are shifted one place lower in the order. This gives some kind of
ordering after a few iteration.

I noticed that mr Hyatt uses a far more advanged methode of ordering but his
methode is not clear to me.

Also i ask myself if it it worth the effort to try to do a good root move order.

I hope some one can help me

Thanks in advance

Jan Willem

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