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Subject: Re: Something More About Chess Challenger 7

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 18:11:27 04/14/98

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On April 13, 1998 at 22:45:20, Steven Schwartz wrote:

>On April 13, 1998 at 22:09:35, Fernando Villegas wrote:
>>hi Karsten:
>>I remember that a "tournament" was organized in USA by the magazine
>>Popular mechanics between Boris and Chess Challenger 10, won by this
>>last one. I believe it were not more than two or three games. I can
>>still remember the photo or the article where a chess master opposed
>>both machines each other as he would do the arbiter of a box fight.
>>Some remembrance deserves, also, the first voice chess challenger 10, a
>>black machine that played the best chess ever created by Ron Nelson.
>>Talking of all machines, do you have or remember micro-chess by Novag?
>>It seem it was the cheapest and worst program created by Kittinger.
>I recall beginning in business right around the time of the Voice Chess
>Challenger (1978-1979). Our first shipment was  delayed from Fidelity
>three months after promised and arrived ONE WEEK before Christmas. We
>rushed all the machines to our customers only to find that about 80%
>of them were defective in one way or another (cosmetically and/or
>electrically). What a great introduction to the world of computer
>chess!!! It was the first of many, many reliability disasters in
>the stand-alone computer chess field. I am sure that many readers
>here have their own horror stories about reliability problems with
>computer chess machines.
>- Steve

Hi Steve:
I have been lucky all the time. No problems with CC7, no problems with
sensoory 8, no with champion challenger, my first love, no one with
micro-chess, no one with par Excellence -my second great love and still
I love her-, no one with Constellation 3,6, non with MMIV and no one
with the one I bought from ICD, my third love, Travel by Saitek, first
version. So I deserve a kind of condecoration.
Or maybe these machines were better examined if they were to be shipped
outside the states or europe or whatever the place where they were
Else: my feeling is that nobody produces any more expensive, high
voltage stand alone units anymore. Now they Seem to be toys, aren't

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