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Subject: Re: Something More About Chess Challenger 7

Author: Steven Schwartz

Date: 18:55:46 04/14/98

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>Hi Steve:

>.....Else: my feeling is that nobody produces any more expensive, high
>voltage stand alone units anymore. Now they Seem to be toys, aren't

Stand-alone chess computers used to be the vangard of the industry.
Now, the best of them are not as good as some of the "weakest"
software when run on a moderate Pentium. However, at 2300 and 2400,
they are still plenty strong to beat the living daylights out
of the VAST majority of chess players.

This industry has been based upon vast overkill for many years,
but just like any other hobby/sport, the players want the best
equipment (thank God!).
- Steve

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